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The location of Kinira

«Dolphins» are located in the middle of an idyllic landscape, getting wet from the waves of the Aegean Sea, at the north-eastern side of Thassos, in Kinira. A trully blessed land,View of Kinira Island in Thassos. where the breeze of the sea mixes in harmony with the smell of the pine-trees, all over the sand of the beautiful beaches. Kinira is really a true miracle of nature. In only three kilometers distance, some of the highest mountains of Thassos are toutching the 1200m in hight, like in the Alps. All this undescribedable beauty, has led our uncestors to settle in the area since the ancient ages. It is really true that Herodotus, after spending three years in Thassos, writes the best for it. He is astonished with the clima and of course, he mentions the «Enira and Kinira» place.
Our facilities have a distance of the capital of about 22 km while Skala Potamias is only about eight. The famous beach «Paradise» is only 1500m away from our rental apartments and studios. At 150m you'll find the bus-stop and at 200m there is a small maket, covering the basic needs (milk, bread,…). All around, you'll find taverns, restaurants, hotels, coffee and pizza shops, etc.
We should mention here that by the summer months, the departures of ferries have a frequency of half an hour. Ceramoti, where the port is, keeps a distace of about 30 km.

Sightseeing & activities

Thassos is a combination of mountain and sea. The island's history, the achaeological testaments, the traditional vilages and the immaculately clean beaches, can give to our guest the pleasure of a consummate holiday.
Love-making turtles in Kinira Thassos. In the capital of Thassos, Limenas, there is a museum, known for it's arcaeological finds (eg. Kouros) and it is open for the public everyday. In Limenas, one can walk in the aleys of ancient Agora, feeling the atmosphere of an englorious past. On the same time, you can visit the ancient theatre of Limenas, where in the summer time, are dramatized lots of theatrical acts. You will be for sure completely awe-struck by the feeling that, in this very same place, where dramatized theatrical acts of Aristofanis two million and a half years in the past from now. It is also a very good idea to visit Aliki and walk through the paths of our history.
You should also pay a visit to the traditional villages of Thassos. A closer look should also be given in Theologos. It is an astonishing place, built in a Macedonian rhythm, keeping it's traditional identity. It has two churches, a nice arch-bridge, waterfalls, lime-furnaces all around, narrow rocky paths and lot of more sights and experiences. For the lovers of nature, Thassosis very interesting. It has a very rich vegetation (pine trees, firs, lime-treesetc), while you can meet lots of indigenous (endemic) spieces being under protection. Furthermore, part of the island has been characterized as a very important wild-life reserve and a bird sanctuary (ΙΒΑ GR016) and it is one of the first areas in Greece being used as an observatory. Volunteers of Greek National and international organisations (Hellenic Ornithological Society, Bird Life) are applying a programm of bird observation in order to act for their protection. In the same time, a pretty large part of Thassos is included in the Natura 2000 network.
Thassos constitutes the ideal holiday destination for the lovers of the so-called alternative tourism, such as par example,  horseriding, trekking, hiking, mountain-biking, four-wheeling and lots more, as the possibilities are never exhausted.